Refresher Courses

Refresher Courses

This very popular course takes place on two weekday mornings for birth mothers and an evening weekday class for second-time (or more) couples. This is an opportunity to get together with others to prepare for the birth and new baby.

The Refresher Courses are a good way of concentrating on this baby and this pregnancy – often overlooked when there are toddlers and other children to look after.  They are very informal and a good way of meeting others and making a friendship group for the new addition. The course will be appropriate whether you have a small or large gap, and
whether it’s your 2nd or your 9th baby!

    The course content is very informal, meeting the needs of the particular group but topics can include:

  • Previous experience and hopes this time around.
  • Practicing of breathing and active birth positions.
  • Partner’s role during birth.
  • Establishing breastfeeding and looking after another child/children.
  • Combining new baby with older child(ren) and sibling rivalry.


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